Kaiser Nietzsche - To Noise Ratio MC (Freedom In A Vacuum, 1988)

Published by Pro Forma Music.
Artwork, Design And Layout By Potemkin.
Mixing: John Kamevaa & Thomas Handy.
David Scurr (track A6);
John Kamevaar (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B1);
Thomas Handy (tracks: A1, A2 to A5, A7, A8).
Cover Photograph: Sandra Doan.

a1 Audience
a2 Deutsche Gamelan
a3 As This Is
a4 Bi-Cycle
a5 Idiolect
a6 Hold Your Water
a7 The Three Comrades
a8 New Slave Music
a9 Fugue
b1 Signal To Noise Ratio

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