Osservazione Stato Reale - Untiltled MC (Setola Di Maiale Records, 1995)

Osservazione Stato Reale was a band formed in Pordenone (Northen Italy) in the mid 90's. They released this tape with the same name on Setola Di Maiale Records, a very good  independent label  from their own town specialized on experimental music. This tape was recorded by Paolo de Piaggi (there is a tape on this blog by this artist) on April 1995. The music is a weird yet creative mix of different stuff: rock, electronics, punk, jazz, fusion, experimental, concrete music and more...
I have no idea how many copies were printed of this tape neither when the band splitted up or if they released any other production and even the power of internet doens't help me much in this search so this is for the lovers of the mystery and  the beautiful unknown.
Enjoy it.
[Digital transfer and review by F_a_r_a_w_a_y]

a1 Calcolatore Della Differenza
a2 Aldo e Le Api
a3 Bello Caldo
a4 Staot Reale
b1 Carnevale
b2 U Tisîni
b3 Di Esse

A Thunder Orchestra / Siegmar Fricke - Energy Is Eternal Delight MC (SPH, 1990)

a1 Siegmar Fricke - Go Skate Or Go Home! (Energetic Mix)
a2 Siegmar Fricke - This Is John
a3 Siegmar Fricke - Parking In France (Remix)
a4 Siegmar Fricke - On The 3-Hour-Jam (Mix B)
a5 Siegmar Fricke - Rap Signals
a6 Siegmar Fricke - In Good Shape
b1 A Thunder Orchestra - Birch
b2 A Thunder Orchestra - Coming Closer
b3 A Thunder Orchestra - Reaching Out For That Brand New Little Nothing
b4 A Thunder Orchestra - Show You The Way
b5 A Thunder Orchestra - Columbarium
b6 A Thunder Orchestra - Dropsical
b7 A Thunder Orchestra - She Lives In A Dream (Movie-Theme II)
b8 A Thunder Orchestra - Retribuition


Kaiser Nietzsche - To Noise Ratio MC (Freedom In A Vacuum, 1988)

Published by Pro Forma Music.
Artwork, Design And Layout By Potemkin.
Mixing: John Kamevaa & Thomas Handy.
David Scurr (track A6);
John Kamevaar (tracks: A1 to A3, A5 to B1);
Thomas Handy (tracks: A1, A2 to A5, A7, A8).
Cover Photograph: Sandra Doan.

a1 Audience
a2 Deutsche Gamelan
a3 As This Is
a4 Bi-Cycle
a5 Idiolect
a6 Hold Your Water
a7 The Three Comrades
a8 New Slave Music
a9 Fugue
b1 Signal To Noise Ratio

Kaiser Nietzsche Web Site

Flutwacht - 30 Monkeys (The Tourette Tapes, 2007)

Re-release of the 30 Monkeys CDr incl. some previously unreleased tracks.
CD comes in A5 sized envelope with sticker inside and is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Phase 1
01 ---
02 Wohin?
03 Schwarm
Phase 2
04 Metamorphose
05 Systematisches Abtasten
06 Blutschranke
07 Tropfen
Phase 3
08 Dark Place
09 30 Monkeys
10 Tumult
11 Synchron Schalten
12 Terminus One

Flutwacht Web Site

Alfredo Salerni - Epilogo (Self Release, 1995)

Alfredo Salerni an anarchist who wrote pamphlets and books about the anarco-skepticism back in the 90s.
He used to hang around with the punks in Perugia and Rome (Central Italy).
In this CD he's playing some classic Italian folk songs revisited by him with some very sarcastic lyrics.
The CD is a kind of the end of an era for him as musician, hence the title: "epilogue": songs that he played from the 60s to the 90s and eventually he recorded them back in 1995, year in which this CD was released as  a completely DIY production.
He used to give his own productions (books and music) for free to his friends and people around him.
This cd is definitely a little gem for the lovers of obscure folk music from around the world.
And yes it is pretty rare.
Enjoy it.
[Digital transfer and review by F_a_r_a_w_a_y]
01 Ho Cercato Intorno a Me
02 Fiorin Fiorello
03 Dubbio
04 Beati Li Scurnacchiati
05 Monachicchi
06 Sorditoblùs
07 La Statua
08 L'amarasita

Alrucini - Bruma (Hiems Solstitium Celebratione) EP (Electro Rucini, 2012)

Opening celebration with "Galactic Butterfly" in a long and introspective moment, a tribute to our ancestors, entities of our galaxy, in a experimental and elliptic beginning followed by "Herald of the Future" as the cycle of light still wanders into the icy waters of the unconscious, the eclipse of the winter, the astral alignment, as the longest night approaches, at the heights of the northern mountains, the "Hauteur Solsticiale" discloses a celebrative night,
"Dans Les Profondeurs de L´Hiver" could invite for a ritual dance and "A noite mais longa do ano" is a mantric expression of preparative liturgy, with the intention to purpose for a last moment of joy with this celebrative release,
Bruma (Hiems Solstitium Celebratione).

01 Galactic Butterfly
02 Herald of the Future
03 Hauteur Solsticiale
04 Dans Les Profondeurs de l´Hiver
05 A noite mais longa do ano
06 Bruma (Hiems Solstitium Celebratione)

7 Kevins - Stop The Light MC (7K1)

Engineered by Slim Jim / Pete / Simon.
Other tracks recorded in Kiel.
Engin. by Harold.
DAT remastered Powerplant / Jock.

a1 Piano Player
a2 Head Full Of Music
a3 Lick The Cream
a4 My Dad
b1 Wild
b2 Toss The Meifers
b3 Fatalistic
b4 Gypsie Twist
Transferred by F@R@W@Y

Deleted - Well MC (EE Tapes, 1994)

Performer & Composed By Christophe Petchanatz.
Limited edition of 150 art copies.

a01 Well
a02 Buto IX
a03 Venice
a04 Buto XVIII
a05 Weeks
a06 Low Rooms
a07 Low Down
a08 Le Corniolon
a09 En Décapotable
a10 The Double Cow
b01 Beyond The Green
b02 Branches
b03 Overload
b04 Buto XIX
b05 End Of Party
b06 Buto X
b07 Glaucous Party
b08 Life On The Floor
b09 Rails
b10 Rollback
b11 Hector Malabar
b12 The Train

Transferred by F@R@W@Y