O Yuki Conjugate - Undercurrents (In Dark Water) (Staalplaat, 1992)

The release was limited to 2000 copies in total. A small number of these came with an extra 3D (holographic) insert, depicting a horse, along with the standard booklet.
Tracks 1-8 originally released on the Into Dark Water LP (Final Image, 1987)

02 Rite Of Passage
03 Raindance
04 Ba-makala
05 Cloud Cover
06 Musica Ficta
07 Out Of Nothing
08 Steppe Land
09 Another Journey
10 Hiatus
11 A Water Margin
12 Terra Estranha
13 Last

STCD 021
O Yuki Conjugate Web Site

Lights In A Fat City - Sound Column (Extreme, 1993)

Light in a Fat City is a collaboration between:
Eddy Sayer, percussion, hybrid harp
Kenneth Newby, sulings, p'iri, samples
Stephen Kent, didgeridoo, animal horns.

01 Taksu

02 Aluna

03 Surya

04 Memory Ground

XCD 023


Derek Bailey & Han Bennink - Han (Incus Records, 1988)

'During March 1986, Han Bennink, the Dutch master drummer, and I played a short tour of England - eight concerts in seven days. Of the many times we have played together over the past twenty years or so, this was probably my favourite bout. Four of the concerts were recorded and this disc is a compilation of five excerpts from these concerts. There is no attempt to disguise the edits but the music is presented as two continuous pieces - the way we usually play a concert.'

Track 1 consists of three recordings made by members of the audience at three concerts, by Eddie Klak at Essex University, by Chris Atton at The Carmarthen, Leeds and by Michael Gerson at the Soho Poly Theatre, London.
Track 2 was recorded by Michael Gerson at Bethnal Green Music Library, London.

All the recordings were made between 15-22 March, 1986.

01 Melancholy Babes, Pt. 1
02 Melancholy Babes, Pt. 2

Peter Kowald - Was Da Ist (FMP, 1995)

Recorded at Artcore Studio, Wuppertal, Summer 1994.

01 Part 1
02 Part 2
03 Part 3
04 Part 4
05 Part 5
06 Part 6
07 Part 7
08 Part 8
09 Part 9
10 Part 10
11 Part 11
12 Part 12
13 Part 13
14 Part 14
15 Part 15
16 Part 16
17 Part 17
18 Part 18
19 Part 19
20 Part 20
21 Part 21
22 Part 22
23 Part 23


Homenagem a Enrique X. Macías - Casa Das Artes, Porto (23 11 1996)

Enrique X. Macías nasceu em Vigo, em 1958, e faleceu na mesma cidade em 1995, com 37 anos.
De formação musical autodidacta, participou de 1980 a 1984 nos cursos de verão de Darmstadt, com uma bolsa do Instituto para a Nova Música desta cidade alemã.
Foi compositor residente nos estúdios de música electrónica da Radio Finlandesa (Helsínquia, 1981) e da Academia de Música de Cracóvia (Polónia, 1982), assim como compositor convidado do Instituto de Sonologia de Utrecht (Países Baixos, 1985), Groupe de Recherches Musicales de Paris (INA/GRM, 1986 e 1988) e STEIM de Amsterdão (Países Baixos, 1988). Também trabalhou no Espace Musical de Paris (1987 e 1988). Em 1992 participou no estágio de verão para compositores no IRCAM em Paris.

Ana Braga: Cravo
François Gnéri
: Viola
Maryvonne Le Dizès: Violino
Pierre Strauch: Violoncelo
Roberto Bollea: Piano
Miguel Azguime: Electrónica
Miso Studio: Técnica

01 Antistrofas (Violoncelo Solo e Electrónica Ao Vivo)
02 Foglio I (Cravo Solo)
03 La Lyre Du Desert (Musica Electrónica)
04 Lubilaeum (Trio De Cordas)
05 Cadências e Interludios
06 Percurso I (Piano Solo e Electrónica Ao Vivo)

Pinkie Maclure And The Puritans - This Dirty Life (Brave Records, 1990)

Bass: Michael Joseph
Drums, Percussion: Dave Bryant
Guitar: Nick Page
Saxophone: Simon Smith
Vocals, Piano, Sampler: Pinkie Maclure

01 Horns Off
02 Pie Dog Squirm
03 Salvage
04 Leeches
05 A Gathering Of Skin
06 Eel Pout
07 Gluttony
08 Sensitive
09 Tasty


Poison Dwarfs - Labil CDr (Tiimezone, 2012)

Composed, arranged and recorded at Poison Dwarfs studio 2010-2012
by Hans Castrup, Ralf-Dieter Dlubatz.
All instruments and field recordings: Castrup/Dlubatz.
Lyrics and vocal: Ralf-Dieter Dlubatz.

01 Transit Town
02 Skid Row
03 Oh, Yes
04 Labil
05 Parade
06 Do It Again
07 Es Ist Ein Schnitter
08 Hans Im Gluck
09 Serenade
10 I Do Like This
11 Weg Hier
12 Some Sort Of Content

Poison Dwarfs Web Site Soundcloud

Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Dub & Die - Reissue (Klanggalerie, 2009)

Originally released in 1981 as an untitled mini album on Zick Zack.
Recorded at SADW's Cassettencombinat studio in Berlin, the original 8 tracks represent the first release by this German Avantgarde/Industrial group that was once a member of the "Geniale Dilettanten" movement. 
This CD edition expands the original release with a set of bonus tracks.

01 Dub & Die
02 Komm Her Sing Mit
03 Jeder Tag
04 So So
05 Gegen Den Strom
06 Nichts Im Sinn
07 Leidenschaftlich
08 Bevor Sie Dich Töten
09 Schwing
10 Dub And Dry
11 Fieber
12 Schweisslachen
13 Vom Acker

Sprung Aus Den Wolken vs. Film 2 ‎- Lion / Sei Still 7'' (Klanggalerie, 2005)

Edition limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. 
Contains samples from the The Story Of Electricity album.

Artwork: Ak Design
Guitar, Bass, Computer, Producer: Renault Schubert
Photography by João Tabarra
Vocals, Lyrics by Kiddy Citny
Voice: Betty La Gachette

a1 Lion
b1 Sei Still

Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Round And Around (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier, 1991)

Composed by Fred Alpi, Kiddy Citny & Pete Essens.

Painting: Kiddy Citny.
Producer: Peter Principle, Tom Re.
Recorded by François Dietz.
Words by Kiddy Citny.

01 Embodyn
02 Black & White
03 2023
04 Wall Will Fall
05 Seele
06 You-Hu-Man
07 Rhythm & Mood
08 Reality
09 Quelle Affaire
10 Round And Around
11 Grand Galere

CDSA 54013

Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Early Recordings LP (Vinyl-On-Demand, 2004)

Retrospective collection from industrial pioneers Sprung Aus Den Wolken the rhythmic noise project by Kiddy Citny, collaborator with early Einsturzende Neubauten and Sentimentale Jugend. His sound in the beginning of the eighties was very intense but still charming, but he showed also extreme talent in using his synthesizer to produce great minimal electro tunes in a style which was and still is a true treasure for the whole minimal electro - and nowadays - techno scene. This LP collects 18 tracks that have previously been either unreleased or available only on ultra limited tapes on the band's own Cassettencombinat label in the early Eighties. Sprung Aus Den Wolken released albums on Zick Zack and What's So Funny About and were (and are) often compared to Einstuerzende Neubauten.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

a1 A Gauche - A Droite
a2 Urlaub Für Ganz Berlin
a3 Warte
a4 Schlag Mir Den Kopf Ab
a5 Es Reicht - Noch Lange Nicht
a6 Que Pas
a7 Meine Stimme
a8 Lust - Last - Liebe
a9 Schlag Mir Den Kopf Ab (Instrumental)
b1 Durch Die Nacht (Instrumental)
b2 Tanzen Stampfen Laufen
b3 Längst Fällig
b4 Gegen Den Strom
b5 Begehre Dich
b6 Instrumental Metal Mix
b7 Leidenschaftlich
b8 Wenn Es So Weiter Geht
b9 Saying Yes, Thinking No

VOD 11

Sprung Aus Den Wolken ‎- The Story Of Electricity (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier)

Re-issue of the 1986 original with additional tracks, one of them, "Pas Attendre", is from the soundtrack of the Wim Wenders film "Wings of Desire".

01 Shakin Your Body
02 Röck-N-Röll
03 Lion - Could Be Me
04 RoundAndAroundShadow
05 Electricity Break
06 D.J.-D.J.
07 Could Be You - Lion
08 Body Your Shakin
09 Itch I-Ni-San-Shi
10 All To Yah Cosma
11 Be Quiet
12 Shadow Knows
13 Lion
14 D.J.D.J.D.J. .Bow
15 Cosma
16 Que Pa
17 Que Pa (Minimal)
18 Pas Attendre (Extended Version)

Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Pas Attendre / Que Pa 12'' (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier, 1985)

Lyrics by Kiddy Citny (tracks: A1-B2), Thierry Noir (tracks: A1-A2).
Music by Alexander Hacke.

a1 Pas Attendre
a2 Pas Attendre (Minimal)
b1 Que Pa
b2 Que Pa (Minimal)

DSA 54505
Sprung Aus Den Wolken MySpace Web Site, Soundcloud

The Joy Of Nature - A Evasão Das Fadas CDr (Lurker's Realm, 2010)

Special edition, hand-made package including insert and souvenir from Azores, numbered, signed and sealed. 
Released for the first concerts of The Joy Of Nature in mainland Portugal, on July 2nd (Lisbon) and July 3rd (Oporto).

01 Nuvens Cheias De Fadas
02 All The Pretty Little Horses
03 Canção Do Desassossego
04 La Noche Interminable
05 A Evasão Das Fadas
06 Inspirando O Teu Nome
07 O Sono Dos Cegos
08 Blood Red Bird
09 A Outra Margem Do Rio
10 Canção Da Experiência


V/A - Narcosis: A Dark Ambient Compilation (Credo, 1997)

Compiled By Neil Gardner

101 Effective Force - Reality Labyrinth
102 Soma - Arcane
103 Download - Base Metal
104 Pwog - Sheap
105 H.O.H. - Journey
106 Raison D' Etre - Inner Depths Of Sadness
107 Legion - Leviathan
108 Shinjuku Thief - The Witch Hunter
109 Arcana - Dark Age Of Reason
110 Coil - Stoned Circular II
111 Final - Untitled

201 The Corridor - Texture
202 In The Nursery - Holstemcall
203 Black Lung - Unconvincing Simulations Of Happiness Part II
204 Goldwater - As Precious As Blood
205 Sielwolf - Kubick
206 Hoodlum Priest - Naked Time (Uberchill Mix By Technietzche)
207 Daren Seymour & Mark Van Hoen - Supermind's Light Becomes Part Of The Earth
208 Arecibo - Unified
209 Arkkon - Base Camp
210 Fetisch Park - Trost Part 7
211 A Small Good Thing - Jane Russell